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Zerfaliu citrus festival italiano

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Zerfaliu citrus festivalThe citrus festival takes place in Zerfaliu every year, at the beginning of February, in order to set off the most important fruit of the area. The rich soil of Bennaxi, which had received river silt for centuries, turns out to be excellent for citrus growing. Therefore the fruits are juicy and tasty. The uncountable gardens, managed by small farmers, are rich of oranges, lemons, mandarins, clementines and grapefruits There are the most famous varieties, such as Tarocco, Vaniglia, Washington orange and Avana mandarin, but also the less famous but very tasty, such as the Sardinian orange. There are exotic fruits too, such as the kumquat mandarine.
Zerfaliu citrusDuring of the feast, organized by Pro Loco, many stands are opened in Trasfigurazione Square, where you can taste fruits, jams and other citrus dishes. You can discover the other typical products of Sardinia too, specially olive oil, ham, salami, ovine cheese, the traditional carpets and baskets. Every year there is an Italian car parade and the creation of a cake many meters long, made by the Union of Sardinian cooks. In the evening of Saturday and Sunday, songs and dances.

Zerfaliu citrus festivalZerfaliu citrus festivalZerfaliu citrus festivalZerfaliu citrus festivalZerfaliu citrus festival
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